Pharmaceutical Innovation: Collaborating from Bench to Bedside

Founders Award - Together we Succeed!

The Founders Award provides formal recognition of outstanding contributions to the field through science and leadership as demonstrated during the events and activities associated with CPSA. The hope is to celebrate the sciences by promoting others to:

  • Stay connected - nationally and internationally - to make the world smaller
  • Inspire innovation and hope - it's our time now! - by thinking big
  • Sharing the belief that together we succeed.

2016 Recipients

  • Gabriela Barreiro, Eurofarma
  • Natália Bellan, Inteligência Sanitária
  • Mateus Campos, SCIEX
  • Marc Chalom, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Alana Figueiredo, SCIEX
  • Larissa Fontes, GC2
  • Carla Juliani, US Pharmacopeia Brazil
  • Michael Murgu, Waters Technologies Do Brasil
  • Viviane Nascimento, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Krishan Patel, Lhasa Limited
  • Adriano Peron, SCIEX
  • Ana Paula Ruenis, ABRACRO
  • Camille Rodrigues da Silva, PHARMAGENIX
  • Arcides Soares, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Philip Timermann, Johnson & Johnson
  • Alison Reeves, Lhasa Limited
  • Peter van Amsterdam, Abbott

Founders Awards