The Latin American Biopharmaceutical Challenge:
Connecting the Dots from Invention to Innovation

CPSA Five Pillars - Cinco Pilares

A framework of technology and solutions along with leadership (human architecture) has been benchmarked - specific for Brazil and led by Brazil. Thanks to the leadership of our Program Chairs and with the guidance of Organizing Committees and support from our Sponsors - a community of leaders have been assembled that features "Five Pillars" for sustained growth and progress.

We are ready to meet our future!

Cinco Pilares do CPSA - O futuro está aqui!

2014 Technology - Daniel Lebre, CEMSA
Emerging Models for Drug Development and the Clinical Laboratory: Innovative Technologies and Future Applications
2014 Founders Awards
2015 Pharmaceuticals - Rafael Barrientos, Eurofarma
On The Way to Innovation: Pharmaceutical/Analytical Technology, Regulation and Knowledge Management
2015 Founders Awards
2016 Clinical - Carlos Kiffer, GC2
Pharmaceutical Innovation: Collaborating from Bench to Bedside
2016 Founders Awards
2017 Regulatory - Natália Bellan, Inteligência Sanitária
The Sanitary Regulation as a Strategy for the Development of Products and Services in the Pharmaceutical Chain
2017 Founders Awards
2018 Biotechnology - Thiago Mares Guia, Bionovis
Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology for Health: New Trends, Opportunities, Diagnostics and Beyond