Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis

August 24 - 26, 2024 | São Paulo, Brazil


Connecting the Dots: Innovation and Technology Side by Side


2024 Plenary Speaker

Carlos Kiffer


Program Chair

Carlos Kiffer


Regina Oliveira

Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Plenary Speaker

Regina Oliveira

Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Leila Lopes Bezerra


Plenary Speaker

Leila Lopes Bezerra


About Event

Make plans to attend the 7th Annual Brasilian Symposium on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis (CPSA BRASIL 2024). This unique event is highly interactive. The program features updated perspectives and experiences on clinical and pharmaceutical structure analysis. Imagination and stimulating discussion are central to each CPSA session and event.

CPSA Goals

The goal of CPSA BRASIL is to provide in-depth review of innovative technology and industry practices through open discussion of industry-related issues and needs. This annual event is specifically geared to the needs of professionals attempting to keep pace with faster development times and technology marketing managers attempting to benchmark emerging trends.


The CPSA BRASIL symposia and roundtables are highly interactive events where scientists share their experiences and visions in a collegial setting. The program will highlight speakers and sessions that provide real-world experiences with new technologies and critical insights into current issues and future needs. Education and specialized training are the foundation of all CPSA events.

Each session at CPSA BRASIL will address the current industrial landscape and the global need to bring products to market faster. The program chairs will promote discussion and exchange of experiences, ideas, and visions so that current processes that involve analytical measurement can be benchmarked and future strategies may be developed.


The CPSA BRASIL symposia and roundtables feature a unique format to allow scientists to openly share comprehensive perspectives on industry-related issues and needs. First-hand experiences with specific applications and technologies are openly discussed. Lively discussions in a collegial setting are a hallmark of the meeting.

Symposia Feature

Industry Issues and Needs • Analysis Strategies • Performance Benchmarks

Jabuticaba Feature

Industrial Workflows · Technology Integration · Regulatory Compliance

Rountables Feature

Commercial Technology • Mainstream Applications • Analysis Trends

Broad-based awareness of the analytical sciences is achieved through open discussion with industry leaders. This unique event is made possible by sponsors who are dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the analytical sciences with the hope of inspiring significant advances in the field.

Program Overview

Introduction Business
Plenary Lecture
Symposia, Roundtable & Jabuticaba Sessions
Sponsored Lunch
Vendor Expo
Vendor Spotlight Session
Plenary Lecture
Symposia, Roundtable & Jabuticaba Sessions
Sponsored Lunches
Vendor Expo

CPSA Vision

CPSA - Clinical and Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis represents a broad vision to promote new technologies and solutions across disciplines and forge global paths for education and training.

We are committed to:

World-Class Programs

Unique focus on industrial issues and needs featuring internationally recognized scientists and premier research.

Thinking Big!

Provide an ideal environment to benchmark a strategy or capture an epiphany. Big ideas, creativity and involvement are openly encouraged. Imagination needed!

Diversity and Study Abroad

Promote interdisciplinary education, training and career development on a global level with unique focus on young scientists and students.

Technological Rigor

Support the highest level of technology evaluation to assist professionals with the identification of practical considerations to perform an analysis that meet specific regulations such as FDA or CLIA with the highest level of performance (accuracy, sensitivity, throughput, cost).

Interaction and Relationships

Facilitate the growing interest in industrial research with special events dedicated to promoting a collegial atmosphere and fostering friendship. CPSA is User Friendly!


Organizing Committee

Program Chair
Carlos Kiffer EPM / UNIFESP Brasil

Douglas Andrade SCIEX Brasil
Gabriel Araújo University of São Paulo Brasil
Pedro Aranha Sandoz Brasil
Gabriela Barreiro Eurofarma Brasil
Rafael Barrientos Eurofarma Brasil
Natália Bellan Sanitary Intelligence Italy
Gisela Bellinello Agilent Technologies Brasil
Chad Briscoe PRA Health Sciences USA
Jair Calixto Sindusfarma Brasil
Mateus Campos SCIEX Brasil
Dulce Casarini Universidade Federal de São Paulo Brasil
Marc Chalom Testo SE Germany
Lucas V. Croffi USP Brasil
Tess Doezema Arizona State University USA
Marité Faria Amgen Brasil
Saul Fink Bristol-Myers Squibb USA
Jane Kelly Finzi Waters Technologies Do Brasi Brasil
Larissa Fontes GC2 Brasil
Miller Freitas Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos S.A Brasil
Roberto Gois GC2 Brasil
Caroline Green Waters Technologies Do Brasil Brasil
Thiago Mares Guia Bionovis Brasil
Mark Hayward ITSP Solutions USA
Lucinda Hittle Merck USA
Ivan Jonaitis Agilent Technologies Brasil
Rick King PharmaCadence USA
Daniel Lebre CEMSA Laboratories Brasil
Mike Lee Milestone Development Services USA
Leila Maria Lopes Bezerra BIDiagnostics Brasil
Ken Lewis OpAns USA
Lídia Lima Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Mauricio Magalhães EMS Brasil
Vanda Magalhães Eurofarma Brasil
Carla Marshall-Waggett New Objective USA
Helio Martins SCIEX Brasil
Daniel Maturana NanoTemper Technologies Brasil
Cristina Mendes Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial Brasil
Marcelo Moreira ANVISA Brasil
Lauro Moretto Academia Nacional de Farmácia Brasil
Michael Murgu Waters Technologies Do Brasil Brasil
Viviane Nascimento Thermo Fisher Scientific Brasil
Shane Needham Alturas Analytics USA
Randy Nelson Arizona State University USA
Regina Oliveira Universidade Federal de São Carlos Brasil
José Emílio Neto Quintiles Brasil
Kerly Pasqualoto ALCHEMY Brasil
Kátia Pastre MAGABI Brasil
Adriano Peron SCIEX Brasil
Paula Ribiero Shimadzu Brasil
Renato Ribeiro Accutest Research Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd. Brasil
Camille Rodrigues da Silva Inovatie Brasil
Renato Romano US Pharmacopeia Brasil
Cristina Ropke Phytobios Brasil
Ana Paula Ruenis ABRACRO Brasil
Nalini Sadagopan PerkinElmer USA
Daniel Saidemberg Shimadzu Brasil
Gustavo Santos ANVISA Brasil
Rogerio Sassonia Universidade Federal do Tocantins-Araguaína Brasil
Ingridy Scachetti SCIEX Brasil
Priscila Scheinberg Orygen Biotecnologia Brasil
Alexandre Scutto CEMSA Brasil
Suéllen Silva Apsen Farmacêutica Brasil
Leonardo Teixeira Instituto de Ciências Farmacêuticas Brasil
Phillip Timmerman European Bioanalysis Forum Belgium
Gary Valaskovic New Objective USA
Peter van Amsterdam Abbott Netherlands
Oscar Vega IPEN Brasil
Naidong Weng Janssen Research & Development USA
José Xavier Agilent Technologies Brasil
Nathan Yates University of Pittsburgh USA
Ismael Zamora Molecular Discovery Spain

Founders Award - Together we Succeed!

The Founders Award provides formal recognition of outstanding contributions to the field through science and leadership as demonstrated during the events and activities associated with CPSA. The hope is to celebrate the sciences by promoting others to:

  • Stay connected - nationally and internationally - to make the world smaller
  • Inspire innovation and hope - it's our time now! - by thinking big
  • Sharing the belief that together we succeed.

2024 Sponsors

CPSA BRASIL is made possible by the broad-based support of industry sponsors. The passion for the analytical sciences and the accelerated discovery and development of pharmaceuticals is shared by each sponsor. As a result, the event is dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the issues and needs associated with pharmaceutical R&D in the hopes of inspiring significant advances in the field.


Transportation and Accommodations



For those attendees traveling to São Paulo for CPSA BRASIL, there are a few nearby hotels to the Espaço Sinimbu that are recommended for your stay. The following are listed by distance to the Espaço Sinimbu:

  • Astron Baden Baden (Walking Distance)
  • Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera
  • Grand Bourbon São Paulo Ibirapuera
  • Transamerica Executive Congonhas
  • Intercity Ibirapuera
  • Nobile Suite Congonhas

Astron Baden Baden


Rua Vieira de Morais 300, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 04617-000 Brazil


$76 - $79


Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera


Ave. Ibirapuera, 2927, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 04029-200 Brazil


$64 - $101


Transamerica Executive Congonhas


Rua Vieira de Morais 1960 Campo Belo, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 04617-007 Brazil


$55 - $78


Intercity Ibirapuera


Avenida Ibirapuera 2577 Moema, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 04029-200 Brazil


$79 - $101


Nobile Suite Congonhas


Rua Henrique Fausto Lancellotti 6333, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 04625-005 Brazil


$59 - $84

Travel to São Paulo

Transportation to and from the Airport

The Espaço Sinimbu and nearby hotels are a good car ride from Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport, the closest and most convenient international airport.


The recommended transportation is an executive car (up to 2 passengers) or mini van (up to 3 passengers) booked through Selecta. Prices range from R$290/US$95 to R$380/US$125. Contact Denis Bardem at Selecta to book.


General taxi from the airport is R$180/ US$45. The taxi group, Guarucoop, have a bilingual reception desk and bilingual drivers.

For Brazilian travelers, Espaço Sinimbu is also very close to Congonhas Airport, a 4 km car ride.


Foreigners traveling to Brazil will require a visa in order to enter the country. This visa is simple to obtain, and we recommend using a visa agent to submit your application such as ItsEasy Passport and Visa Services. They will help guide you through the process.

(90-Day maximum stay)

Applying for a Visa

In order to obtain Brazil visas, your passport must have two (2) blank facing visa pages (typically the last few pages of the passport are marked "Amendment" and are not valid for visas) and must be valid for at least six months past the date of entry into Brazil.

Due to backlogs and inconsistent processing at the Brazilian Embassy and Consulate offices, some requests may take longer than indicated - in some cases up to one month or longer even with urgent requests. All Visas are valid for 10 years allowing for multiple entries

You can complete the forms and process online at

Start by selecting Nationality, Visa Type and State of Residency to begin the process. You will require;

  • Proof of travel
  • Copy of driver's license or State issued ID
  • A business cover letter

The people at really do make it easy!



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